RCE Ogun is one of the 168 Regional Centers of Expertise (RCE) in the world ( RCEs are networks of existing formal, non-formal and informal organizations that facilitate learning towards sustainable development in local and regional communities. The network of RCEs worldwide constitutes the Global Learning Space for Sustainable Development.

Our Vision

RCE Ogun aspires to create self-reliant, resilient, inclusive and environmentally friendly communities through formal and informal trainings, enlightenment programs and exemplar projects for the sustainable existence of the region

Focus Areas

RCE Ogun focuses on developing environmental and social solutions for the sustainable development challenges plaguing our continent. We use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our compass for solving some of Africa’s pressing challenges. Our specific areas of focus are:

  1. Climate  Change Action (SDG 13)
  2. STEM Education (SDG 4)
  3. Digital Skills Training (SDG 8)
  4. Advocacy Against Drug Abuse (SDG 3)
  5. Financial Literacy  (SDG 1)



RCE Ogun is generously supported by Covenant University and Zenith Bank Plc