The observed rise in the mass failure of Mathematics and English Language among  high school students has been a recurrent decimal. The poor performance at internal and external examinations has resulted in the birth of EMA SMART KIDS. EMA is an acronym for English and Mathematics. EMA SMART KIDS is one of the programmes of RCE Ogun to address the problem of mass failure of Mathematics and English Language of secondary/High School Students; by taking them away from the “fail zone” to the “pass zone” within an academic session through a disruptive and sustainable educational model that is interesting and exciting.

The EMA SMART KIDS’ Radio Programme on Hebron 95.9 FM comprises three key segments: English/ Mathematics Competition, Career Guidance/Counselling, and Grammar which is intended to run for a thirteen weeks season (2-3 PM on Saturdays)  where listeners are allowed to phone in to ask questions or respond to questions within the scheduled one hour.

Apart from the radio programme, our facilitators physically teach the subjects (Mathematics and English language) at designated locations in the community. The facilitators are highly skilled and passionate professionals in Mathematics and English Language.