RCE OGUN 2021 Space Exploration & Climate Change Challenge

Do you want to contribute to new thinking on Space Exploration and Climate Change? Then register here for RCE Ogun Space Exploration and Climate Change Challenge now.


Over six decades, human enterprise in space has produced societal benefits that enhance living on earth. Space exploration has benefited humankind in numerous ways, such as improved health care, planet and environmental protection, improving safety on land, shaping scientific discoveries, technical and scientific job opportunities and enhancing day-to-day lives. As it is believed, the next frontier is space. Some have the aspiration of living on Mars. Whichever the motivation is, any information that could expand scientific knowledge on space is a current treasure.

The contestants are expected to present a 3-minutes’ video /documentary on a complex concept on space exploration or explain climate change in light of specific effects on every continent. Your entry must be in mp4 video format. Any entry submitted other than the specified format will not be considered. The contestants are expected to be original: each contestant must create the video content; he or she must reference any idea presented or own all the Intellectual Property Rights. Participants must ensure that no other party has any right, title, claim, or interest (or potential right, title, claim or interest) in the presentation.

The proper acknowledgement must be given to the owner(s), or any source(s) consulted.

Please contact rceogun@covenantuniversity.edu.ng for further information or RCE Ogun Center Office at CUCRID Building, Covenant University.



Your presentation will be judged based on creativity, difficulty, engagement and illumination.

Creativity: you should convey your message, thought or idea imaginatively and originally.

Difficulty: how challenging is your topic? Is the subject typically taught at the secondary school level or beyond?

Engagement: you should let your video presentation stimulate the viewer’s imagination. Your video must spur the viewer’s interest so that they want to keep watching the video to the end. Illumination: Your video must demonstrate a rigorous dive into the subject matter. Your video must simplify the subject matter, letting the viewer develop a genuine understanding of the video’s content.


Deadline for Submission:

RCE Ogun Secretariat must receive the application video by 6th June 2020, 12:00 am, via this link: http://bit.ly/rceogun2021challenge

Please save your 3-minute video presentation with your surname and the subject you will be presenting, e.g. Babajide_climate or Babajide_spaceexploration.



Application opens – May 20, 2021

Application closes – June 6, 2021

Evaluation of contestants and Selection of the overall winner – June 7-10

The final announcement of Winner – June 10

Training, Boot camp or rehearsal for the winner – June 11



  • The contestant must be 13 years of age by April 2021 to participate in the Competition and must not be older than 18 years of age on October 1, 2021.
  • A minor must have a parent’s or legal guardian’s permission to enter. The parent or legal guardian must agree on his or her behalf, follow and be bound by these RULES and warrant that you are eligible to participate in the Competition.
  • Ready to pitch his or her idea on space exploration in a demystifying manner with a 3 minutes’ video.
  • Passionate about space science exploration or climate change.
  • Must be ready to receive further virtual training from RCE Ogun
  • Glad to be active on social media across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn.
  • Must be ready to participate in training or Boot camp, either physical or online.